11 definitions by Franko

slang term for bulelts or ammunition
Yo, I seen them niggaz bustin dulses at your ass
by franko March 25, 2005
to borrow something, usually used for either drugs or money
"Yo, can I front a dime sac until tuesday?"
by franko March 23, 2005
pedro; a mahiicano name , my brathar pedro was a very good man. he was always there for me when mama was captured by la migra and it was very hard for us.
pedro, i just want u to know may good brothar, that i love you and that u will always be my favorite meehicano brathar even if we fight.
by franko August 27, 2003
Gemo is a cross between Gangsta rap and Emo. started as Gangster Emo, then became G-Emo, eventually becoming Gemo
you - whoa this new rapper is whiny
me - yeh, he's very gemo.
by Franko February 02, 2005

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