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2 definitions by Franklin W. Dickson

old format from the 70's. Famous for it's failure, it's price, it's quality, and porno.
Let's go watch betamax porn!
by Franklin W. Dickson October 21, 2009
Something common for Pencils, pens, Paper airplanes, and hot wheels cars. When being flung at high speed, they randomly disappear for half a second and then reappear. Who knows where they go that half second?

Also refers refers to a man's small dick during light speed sex.
1. ( Man 1 angry) Shit! ( throws pencil hard).
( man 2) Holy **** it did a sordahs!
Man 1: WTF's a sordahs?
Man 2: when something small moves so fast it disappears and then reappears randomly, like it time travels. Like your dick for example.
Man 1: you suck
man 2: suck it.
2. Your Dick is a sordas! Have fun playing with nothing!
by Franklin W. Dickson October 03, 2009