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2 definitions by FrankieT

gh-geekin hard. another way to say haha or lol. When something geeks you out.
Jason - "Damn son, I need to stop talking to busted chicks"
Will - "gh you do forreal"
by FranKieT April 03, 2013
33 3
A derivative of a "cleaveland steamer," the goucho steamer is the act of placing strips of freshly cooked meat (a la Brazilian steakhouse styling - very tender, warm, and juicy) onto the other person's chest before, during, or after sex. Once the meat is in place you may either:
a) sit on the meat and rock back and forth like a steamroller
b) eat the meat in mid-coitus
c) invite the goucho (he who brings the meat) into a deliciously meaty three-way
Last night my girlfriend and I were having sex and I felt hungry, so I phoned up my neighborhood Goucho and he came by with freshly cooked meat so I could give my girl a goucho steamer.
by FrankieT April 28, 2006
7 11