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4 definitions by FrankieDawg

Randle No Can Handle means a person can't handle the amount of weed they smoked or the amount of alcohol they consumed. The symptoms of Randle No Can Handle is when a person throws up or knocks out cold.

originated in Hawaii
Guy 1: Duuude, ty just passed out from drinking to much vodka.

Guy 2: Ahhhh randle no can handle
by FrankieDawg August 29, 2011
A person that would rather smoke weed than be in a relationship.
Savannah would rather smoke weed than go out with me. Such a fucken torch teddy.
by FrankieDawg May 10, 2011
You are considered a lone cowboy when you are at home with nothing to do, bored out of your mind, and decide that you are going to go jerk off. You take your gun out and start blasting.
duude, im so bored. im gonna go be a lone cowboy
by FrankieDawg August 30, 2011
A hoi is an person of Hawaiian decent who lives in the state of Hawai'i that smokes weed, drinks alcohol, parties hard, and has the respect of everyone.

Hoi is another form of bro, braddah, sistah, friend, etc.
Pono: dude i got blasted last period

Sah: that's such a hoi thing to do
by FrankieDawg August 29, 2011