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1. A vehicle owned or driven by a Cunt; See Cunt
Therefore a Cunt's usual form of transportation.

2. A moving vehicle filled with cunts.

3. A car full of cunts; see Cunt

4. A small pretentious Hybrid vehicle; Usually decorated with unbelievably contradicting and or socially associating bumper stickers, which are usually added to the Cuntwagon purposely to affirm ones cuntiness.
Hey look at that fucking cuntwagon, filled those bitches that think they are hot shit.
#cunt #cuntiness #cuntasaur #cuntbag #cuntwagen
by FrankieA May 28, 2010
Theoretically it is said to be the place where super-power wielding Nannies originate from. Such as; Mary Poppins, Nanny McPhee etc. See; Nanny . It is said to exist between a broom closet and the space time continuum. Probably the after effects of a black hole. Travel to the nanniverse by non-nannies is not yet known.

However the method of travel used by nannies include such "portals" to the Nanniverse that are known to exist as described in completely accurate historical documents ref: Mary Poppins , Nanny Mcphee ; Such methods of travel include "enchanted" handbags for more on enchanted handbags related to this topic see; Felix The Cat.

Such "mini' portals have been used by such nannies to conjure enchanted weapons such as; gravity defying umbrellas and powerful hallucinogenic drugs and compounds described by nannies as; "Medecine".

Conjuration of such weapons usually are followed by a recitation of spells such as ref: Mary Poppins: "A spoon full of sugar" is used to administer such neuro-toxins to it's prey. Rendering small children in a euphoric state, followed by extreme lucid hallucinations and distortions of reality.
She pulled that umbrella out of her purse probably from the Nanniverse, she is now flying around on it seducing chimney sweeps and getting small children to drink from an unlabeled bottle.
#nanny #universe #aliens #mage #witch #time travel #nannyverse #nanny-verse #nanni-verse
by FrankieA October 10, 2013
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