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I have a friend that shops at Kohl's a lot, and every time she goes there to shop, she gets a shit attack and has to run to the bathroom in the middle of her shopping.

Whan you are engaged in an important or interesting activity and you suddenly have the overwhelming urge to have an immediate bowel movement.
I was in the middle of a business meeting when I suddenly had a Kohl's moment and had to excuse myself and sprint to the bathroom.
by Frankie67 July 10, 2010
The act of wearing a strap-on so you can go in both holes during sexual intercourse. NOTE: Must be a male to do this, unless you somehow wear two (2) strap-ons.
Me: Why is there a strap-on with shit on it on your couch?

Mike: Oh, I just got done giving Darren's mom a pittsburgh pitchfork.

Me: .....
by frankie67 December 08, 2013
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