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A person that worships Linkin Park music and Linkin Park itself. They are usually found on large populated areas, but are also spotted in small regions around the world. Eccentric and young, they frequently claim that they saw Chester, but, later on, they realize it was just some oddly looking old lady with very small breasts.
Linkin Park fan 1: Oh my God! Is that Chester?!
Linkin Park fan 2: Holy Shinoda, it is! Ok, act cool.
Linkin Park fan 1: Dammit! It's just Mrs. Cramp.
Linkin Park fan 2: Again?!
by Frankie made me do it March 31, 2007
Completely astonished and amazed by Linkin Park related objects, people and/or events.
Taisha: Look Sam! It's Rob's footprint here in the sand!
Sam: Dude, that's like a sign from God or something!
Taisha: I am so fucking linkinized right now.
Sam: Sshh! Let's just glare at this beautiful object for hours until we delinkinize ourselves.
Taisha: Word.
by Frankie made me do it March 31, 2007

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