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Like argh, but suggests a certian amount of laziness. Often pointing out a problem/task that the user either won't or will not enjoy correcting/doing.

Related words include argh (obviously), dargh and zargh
Per 1: Go to the shop and get me food.
Per 2: Nargh!
Per 1: Does that mean that you won't go or that you will go and just won't enjoy it?
by Frankie Robertson May 28, 2006
Argh of the dying variety.

Part of the argh family that also includes nargh and zargh.
Per 1: I am now shooting you... with a gun (that's the twist by the way).
Per 2: I am being shot. Dargh! now I am dying.
by Frankie Robertson May 28, 2006
Since the word argh is so commonly used when encountering zombies zargh is a variation especially for the reason of zombie contact. This is similar to some usage of the abbreviation ZOMG (although OMG for the purpose of zombies is NOT the main purpose ZOMG).

Part of the argh family which also includes nargh and dargh.
Zombie: ...
Jimmy: ZOMG!
*zombie bites Jimmy's head*
Jimmy: ZARGH!
by Frankie Robertson May 28, 2006
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