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A device made for the express reason of drinking mass quantities of beer quickly. Most easily created using a two-liter bottle and 24 inches of rubber hose. Cut the bottle in half and attach the hose to the neck of the bottle with duct tape. This way, one can pour in many beers at once, and also mark off the levels of the successful beer bongs. No need to "trap the foam off": just drink 'til the foam comes, and then blow it out.
Dude, I passed john's record on the beer bong
by Frankie Pistlekahk September 07, 2007
To vomit while drunk in a loud and glorious manner.
"Hey, where's Tom?"
"He's calling the cattle"
"Huh. Yeah. He looked pretty wasted."
by Frankie Pistlekahk September 07, 2007
Vomit painfully while intoxicated, usually out the nose.
"man, I feel like shit. I spent half the night whistling beef."
by Frankie Pistlekahk September 07, 2007

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