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One of the supporting characters in Resident Evil. A by-product of poor script writing and shitty voice acting.
1. Announcer - "Barry Burton"
*barry looks at watch, time passes, he looks at camera and grunts*

2. Oh.....my god! Jill, here's a rope...for you! Oops, I dropped the rope! I'm so embarassed.... Wait right...here! I'll get another one for! You!

3. Here, Jill, take this lockpick!!! It might come in, handy, for you! The master of unlocking!?!
by Frankie Mondat May 31, 2005
Boomtastic is a word which is used at schools, box socials, and other functions and social gatherings, in an attempt to sound like some sort of mammal?! It can also be used instead of the word "the", but only in extreme situations.
1 - "Hey there Jacob, say, that'a a boomtastic moustache you've got there"
"I don't have a moustache"

2 - "Good one Julian! That was really boomtastic, now go get a haircut"

3 - "I went down to boomtastic shop boomtastic other day, and guess who I saw there? It was that slut from boomtastic party at Michael's house"
by Frankie Mondat May 31, 2005
1 - Expert systems is commonly used to replace words in a lame come-back to an insult.

2 - It can also be used to confuse a person after they give you a compliment
1- Stupidlittlefucker - "You stupid fag, you just ruined the game, why don't you just fuck off"

Phuzzletoff - "If by fuck off, you mean expert systems, then yes."

2 - Reallyhotchick - "Hey great game! You were really good"

Phuzzletoff - "If by really good, you mean expert systems, then that's disgusting! But I'm in."
by Frankie Mondat May 30, 2005

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