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When a man, is making love to woman, in the doggy style position, with his right hand, he acts as if he's gripping the throttle on a motorcycle handlebar. With each rev of the imaginary throttle, his thumb hooks down, and is inserted into the woman's anus.
"I was taxing this slut from behind, and I slipped her the Old Kawasaki."

"You have to be careful with the Old Kawasaki, sometimes you end up with brown thumb."
by Frankie Fish August 08, 2008
When someone takes a shit, and the log disappears down the hole, that's what they call a hole in one.
"Is it possible for a chick to get a hole in one?"

"Dude, I took like a three foot shit, and got a hole in one...I didnt even think that was possible!"
by Frankie Fish August 08, 2008
Noun. A line of cocaine.
"Hey Chad, where's all the ropes at?"
by Frankie Fish August 08, 2008

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