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Where no African-American politician has gone before.

First chocolate-President on Mars.

Reluctant bureaucrats first to explore the surface of the New-New Deal.

A government employee post-Bush.
In Zero-DC, the reluctant barackonauts, drink their Tang from a recycled bag.

movie title: The Reluctant Barackonaut
sequal: First Barackonaut On Mars.
sequal 2: Earth V.S. The Barackonauts
by FrankenSteam March 03, 2009
Disciple of Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO. A follower. A sheep.

An unquestioning disciple of Steve Jobs preachings, philosophy, laminations, a.k.a. --an Applethinker.
Barnstien had a reverence for his Mac that was unflapable. He was, in fact, a shappleite, of "The Jobs."

by FrankenSteam April 18, 2009
Person responsible for bringing a dead economy back to life.

Politician who returns from a political graveyard or who achieves lofty goals in the face of insurmountable odds.

An un-likely winner.

The magic of Barackula, was evident in his vast powers over a doomed economy --to breathe life into a dead financial system.

movie title: "Barackula"
sequel title: "Scream Barackula Scream"
sequal title 2: "Daughter's of Baracukla"
by FrankenSteam March 03, 2009

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