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Franke is a modern day evolution and massive improvement on the name "Frank" which is a name referring to a Germanic tribe -- the Franks -- who derived the tribal name from a type of spear that they used. Which basically means, Franke is a bad ass mo'fo. Smart and cool, but also deadly. Most Franke's kick major ass and are in the upper echelon of whatever circle they run in. Their perfect balance of smarts and savagery make them an instant hit with the opposite sex, so Franke's tend to always have gorgeous women by their side.
drunk man in a bar to a beautiful woman: "hey sweetie, let me get some of you"
Franke steps in: "Listen brother, you better leave the lady alone and keep moving before I stick my drink straw up your pee hole"
Beautiful woman to Franke: "Wow, you saved me. You're so smart and animalistic, you must be a Franke"
by Franke Flowers February 05, 2010

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