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19 definitions by FrankPalace

What you name a woman that behaves like a slut.
I only fell for my girl when she became a slutavior and would'nt get off me.
by FrankPalace January 08, 2012
What you call your woman when she always says no to your cock (pole).
The past few weeks my wife has been a constantnopole and has left me jerking off every night.
by FrankPalace January 07, 2012
What you call a beautiful woman when you want to be with her sexually.
I met a beautiful woman today,I asked her if she was iwrish. I sure wish I could hook up with her.
by FrankPalace January 07, 2012
What you ask a blonde woman that has a sweet ass.
I met a gorgeous blonde with a sweet ass and asked her, are you sweetassh?
by FrankPalace January 07, 2012
One who has mastered debating skills.
The local politician proclaimed himself as a masterdebator for constantly winning debates against political opponents.
by FrankPalace January 07, 2012
A sorority sister that has sex with anyone on campus without regard to her reputation
While at the campus bar I met a Sowhoreitty Sister that fucked my two friends and I.
by FrankPalace January 07, 2012
The act of plunging your boner into a woman's breast while ejaculating into her mouth.
While fucking my wife, I lunged forward and plunged my cock into her tits just as I was about to cum....aiming for her mouth....."BONEAPPETIT!"
by FrankPalace January 16, 2012