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A fairly obscure slang term, used mainly in Alabama, for marijuana, or for the state of being extremely "stoned." To "hunt Bigfoot" is to smoke marijuana. To "catch Bigfoot" is to become extremely "stoned." Named after the mythical creature for a few reasons:
- The mythical creature is said to live in the American northwest and / or western provinces of Canada such as B.C., which is known for its high-quality marijuana.
- The phrase could also be a pun on "skunk ape," another nickname for the mythical creature.
- According to some skeptics, one would have to be on drugs to encounter the mythical creature.
"I've got a bag of Bigfoot in the car."
"Come over later, and we'll hunt some Bigfoot."
"Pass the chips; I've definitely caught Bigfoot. In fact, I think he's giving me a piggy-back ride."
by Frank213 January 05, 2006

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