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4 definitions by Frank1957

To restore a car making changes that will not define it as a restostock, or restomod.
I just purchased a restofuck that will require alot of work to bring it back to stock.
by Frank1957 October 17, 2007
13 0
A restored vintage car with a High performance Engine
Julie always made my windows shake with the sound of her RestoRod
by Frank1957 October 18, 2007
9 0
Restoring a car just the way it came of the assembly line.
FOR SALE: 1957 Chevrolet BelAir Convertible. RestoStock, 2 years ago.
by Frank1957 October 17, 2007
9 0
The act of making love to someone in an unsatisfactory way.
She complains I was just another underfuck.
by Frank1957 October 17, 2007
12 9