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still unknown because so many of your definitions are fucked up
if porn is the greatest thing in the world, how come you're still saying that perverts are the people who look at porn?
by frank the tank June 28, 2004
indian time means you leave/arrive "whenever the spirit moves you"
Frank: "Hey, when do you wanna get goin?"
Bourt: "Indian time."
"I'm on indian time."
by Frank the Tank October 02, 2004
A tightly knit group of friends that came out of the Paintball Community.
Dude, I just picked up some 7N7 Stickers from the Huntington Beach Open.
by Frank The Tank April 08, 2005
Inserting a feather into a mans ass then bending it up front to tickle his balls.
My ass kinda hurts after I got that Feather Cookie last night.
by Frank the Tank October 22, 2004
my buddy matt gersch has a friend with a dog named brewster.he took the dog to a friends brand new home and the dog took a massive shit on a marble floor.when we seen what his dog brewster did we came up with the saying nice brewster
that girl over there is pretty hot -nice brewster
by frank the tank February 25, 2005
same as feather cookie only involving a chop stick and an asian
Chow Young Fat's ass really hurts after that last fortune feather cookie
by Frank the Tank October 28, 2004
When you blow your load and the girl swallows and then pukes everywhere
I'm still cleaning the creamy stomach juice out of my sheets
by Frank the Tank November 09, 2004

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