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when a latino males name is confusing or is to hard to pronounce.

when a latino males latino origin is unknown.
My little mexican friend here....

Man, I'm Cuban B

Yes.... CUBAN B
by Frank da tank August 11, 2006
what life is not about
Life is not about pussy, cock and balls. It's not about Butt-hole pleasures. No it's definetly not about butt-hole pleasures
by Frank da tank August 09, 2006
to lure a lady of the evening over to yourself or your vehicle and let her get close by asking a question in a low voice. When she approaches you , you really molly wop her in the face.
Me and Jeff went "Hooker Punching" after we pulled the robber on our old ladies.
by Frank da tank August 23, 2006
usually performed in the Month of October when Halloween Mask are readily available. You and your partner engage in sexual intercourse while wearing these Monster Masks.
What are you doing tonight?

Frank and I are going to be "Monster Fucking" after we Trick or Treat.
by Frank da tank August 23, 2006
something that is eaten when drunk.
Let's get some "Fuckin French Toast"
by Frank da tank August 09, 2006
from what I have been told; you bust into your own house with a ski mask or a stocking brandishing a knife, gun, club or any blunt object and throw your wife, girfirend or female friends onto bed, floor, or furniture. Rip their clothing off and have sex with them. Never revealing your identity until after the action is finished.
To friend: My wife called the cops after I pulled "the robber" on her.
by Frank da tank August 23, 2006
placing your mouth all the way down on the males genitals; until it is almost possible to get the balls in there as well.

when a woman loves nothing more in her mouth tham a large throbbing cock, and would fight for the right to have this in her mouth.
She was really Hob knobbin the hemoglobbin.
by Frank da tank August 21, 2006

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