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(1) To have consensual sexual relations with someone while judging them on a bullshit television show.

(2) To create a scandal based on legal, consensual actions with no loses or gains.
Mrs. Robinson I think you're trying to abdul me.
by Frank Monroe May 20, 2005
(1)A human orifice, bodily opening, or mortal wound that is infected, or is excreting bodily waste. (2) An asshole. (3) A southerner's snack.
(1) Bonnie: Fuck you, Billy!
Billy: Suck on my sourpatch!
(2) Carl: I could suck on a sourpatch
for hours.
by Frank Monroe September 20, 2004
(a) a man who attempts to cover his homosexuality by acting macho, sporty, or beefy. (b) a sports player on the down-low
Butch is such a coin-tosser; he lifted weights for 3 hours, then fucked Mike in the ass.
by Frank Monroe January 16, 2005
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