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this is when you discriminate against a person for wearing glasses
dude1:she's cute, but she's got glasses...
Dude2:Your so glassist!
by Frank MacE November 19, 2009
this is when you sexually molister a teddy bear, because of drunkeness, boredom etc.
omg she was playing with the teddy bear, but yet too far and became a tervert
by Frank MacE January 06, 2010
this is when you have a sexually arousing moment
i was kissing this boy and he so took a marty moment and hit me on the leg
by Frank MacE February 27, 2010
this is when you are being nerdy, or acting in sneaky way pretending not to be revising but actualy really are
dude 1: mann i only got 60% in that test

Dude 2: i got 74% gud times

Dude 1: your such a peg, u said you didnt revise lol
by Frank MacE January 06, 2010
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