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9 definitions by Frank Grimes

when a woman who has just had a baby sprays breast milk at you during sex
I had mary in the missonary position last night and when I wasn't looking she gave me a White geyser right In the left eye and its making it hard to read my computer today at work.
by Frank Grimes May 29, 2005
Oral sex, when a female or male goes down and swallows the stump
Hey Bro you see that fat girl over there? Yeah she's hot! Well the other night at the stroke and choke I saw her giving Grimey the old stump licker and he was blowing a fan in her ass. Then he started yelling eat that load you little bitch there is a lot more where that came from you dick kisser!!!
by Frank Grimes December 06, 2006
A girl who's vagina smell like a New York city trash dump
Rodney, don't take her out I heard she has a case of the ratass
by Frank Grimes April 13, 2005
The one gay friend of yours who thinks its funny to walk up to you at a party when your not paying attention and hit you in the dick.
Oh no who invited Kevin? He's such a Scrode tapper
by Frank Grimes May 29, 2005
"Whamsy" is like "whimsy," except it's more likely to hit you in the face with a dead Yoda swinging from a hook.
"brings all that fun and whamsy back to the license"
by Frank Grimes April 02, 2005
A male who enjoys taking it in the ass
I walked into the back bedroom at grimeys party last weekend and saw tex biting a pillow. Man he was getting a good ass pounding I wonder if he's still walking a little slow.
by Frank Grimes May 29, 2005
My old neighbor who looks like her boobs grew in instead of out.
Don't go over and get a lap dance at stage #5 she looks like a piece of lumber
by Frank Grimes April 13, 2005