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A dude with brown, black, or blonde hair, who when he grows a beard, it is entirely red, or red in patches.

A man with a red beard is not an official ginger because he need not be pale, freckled, or be without a soul.

The most obvious gingerbeards are guys with black or dark hair that have random patches of red hair in their facial hair.

Also common is a beard that is entirely red, that awkwardly meets the different colored hair around the area of the sideburns.
Randy: Hey! look at that guy's beard, its bright red! that's weird because the rest of his hair is black.

Eric: That's a gingerbeard dumbass.

Connie: Wow, that's odd.

Rick: Yeah, why does he have a red beard when his natural hair color is obviously black?
Marjory: But he's not a ginger!
Rick: But that is fo sho a gingerbeard.

Son: Mom, hy does that guy have a red goatee and black beard?
Mom: Son, that's a gingerbeard, hopefully you'll be lucky enough to not become one someday.
by Frank Coluccio November 17, 2009

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