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A beat b~et made by someone black n~igg~a
Hey, that BJv is great !
by Frank March 06, 2005
an insane band from the stamford, ct ska/screamo underground
there so fucking underground they dont even know who they are sometimes

also see:
jesus christ and the moses humpers
butt plugs and shoulder shrugs
do you have a copy of the new fuck me harders cd? ahh i didnt think so, there so fuckin underground
by Frank February 24, 2005
smart, sexy, sassy apple bottomed girl.
An anequa
My sista is 3SAB
by Frank November 19, 2003
To absolutely obliterate any credence, verity or seriousness one may be in possession of by making a fucktardedly stupid comment.
Zac: "I'm thinking about going to France over the summer. Look, this guy Haitian character in Ghost Dog is speaking Japanese!"
Frank: "That's not Japanese... That's French. Delegitimized."


Zac: "I dont see what you're pointing at, but I will drop my guard and stare blankly at that area while you blatantly steal half my soda."
Vincent: "Delegitimized."
by Frank March 31, 2003
the pimpest most leet rifleman in DoD, plays for 1st ID, www.firstinfantry.com
Check Six: OMFG we need to recruit Pinkius
Trademark: OMFG NO we do!
by Frank April 23, 2005
a compliment for someone of extreme greatness.

Uncomparable, due to greatness.
"You are so great, its like your a Jus10".
by frank November 03, 2004
Derived from the phrase, "mom-jeans". Garment of pants worn by woman in their later years. Commonly made of denimn, they are known for their super tight fit, oversized butt pockets, and extra long zippers to complement the large waste area needed to cover her fup.
After Dave's mom had her 8th child, she couldn't fit into anything but mojees.
by frank June 21, 2004

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