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Afrikans for Black Slave Boy, Whipping boy, house nigger.
Lick my boots Kaffa
by Frank February 19, 2004
an overly obese man/woman who sits at home 24/7, lathers in his/her self pity and tries to bring others down to his/her level. wheres the same jogging suit everywhere he/she goes.
hey, check out that dude. what a taffy!
by frank February 15, 2004
Belonging or pertaining to, the society of The Bulgarians. This may apply to actions, possessions, people, places, etc. All are within the realm of possible inclusion.
One of the Bulgarians is getting murried shortly. That is definitely belligerent, if anything may be considered so.
by frank July 07, 2004
A conservative medium sized city in Eastern Washington. Often times known as the Gateway to the Rockies, or better yet the Capitol of the Inland Empire. The only thing you should know about it though is that it is the 3rd largest city in Washington state, Tacoma is second!
I went to Spokane the other day and I was disappointed to discover that it is not as big as Tacoma.
by Frank May 05, 2005
1.Poor whitewash town with to many wiggers.
2. Lit up with trashy signs like Las Vegas.
3. Low Class
Marshvegas kids think that they are black
by Frank December 19, 2004
a dick harding drug
do coke and fuck
by frank December 04, 2003
An insanely stupid name given to Staten Island by typical "Staten Island" teens.
"Shaolin in da hizzouse!" said the boy wearing a North Face jacket, an armani xchange shirt and spiked hair.
by Frank September 09, 2004
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