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A small hound, or hunting dog, twelve to fifteen inches high, used in hunting hares and other small game
"hold this position and wait for my go"
"jolly good"
"release the deagle"
by Frank July 25, 2004
Mento Mento Mento Mento
Mento: "Hot Suds Car waRsh"

Hey Jimmy how bout u go waRsh the dog.


After we started saying waRsh, mento says waaaaaaaaaash
by Frank December 17, 2004
the act of foregoing bathing while inserting assorted deli meats into as many orifices as possible
She was Greek and kind of hairy so I gave her a dirty pastrami sandwich up the ass.
by frank January 14, 2004
an idiot who enjoys using electronic stuff
that guy is an ediot. he is playing with his laptop
by frank December 13, 2003
noun-a lover of school, homework, and tests
Dont go home and do your homewrok, your being a fuchs.
by frank December 23, 2004
a person that picks thier nose and eats pickles
Hi i'm thuy, that pretty much explains everything =)
by Frank January 03, 2005
An Asian with a piece of meat on his head :-)
by Frank October 24, 2003

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