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a wanna be baller who looks the part but is charachteristically very not skillt at hte game of basketball
that damn boser with his jordan shortz
by frank March 15, 2004
1. (adj): a miserable person who cares not much for others learning or feelings. He/She is a waste of a life.

2. (adj): An antiwar activist that makes no sense, a quaker.

3.(adj): A worthless anorexic that the world would be a happier place if he/she just died.
Dude, why are you being such a fossy!
by Frank June 09, 2003
a) to answer 911 calls by sending police units... (dispatcher)
b) to put to death, kill
if you dont leave this premises, I'll dispatch you with extreme prejudice
by FRANK March 28, 2005
One who's quite short, has a short, highlighted blonde mullet/emo hair, and believes himself to look like Spider-man, when really he's Maculay Culkin.
1. "That brer's so Checkers."
2. "Safe Checkers, want some food?"
3. "Oh Checkers.|
by Frank September 08, 2004
homicide bombing

n. A bombing that intentionally kills another person; a suicide bombing in which the bomber's primary intent is to kill other people. —homicide bomber, n.

Example Citation:
An experimental government program which uses tiny plastic particles to help trace explosives has led to an arrest in a homicide-bombing case, the Treasury Department's Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms said Monday.
—The Associated Press, June 18, 1979

Earliest Citation:

''We're working systematically very, very hard in arduous conditions,'' Killorin said. ''This is what we know. The man is in the area. We've confirmed that. Absolutely, we're very careful because this person is wanted for a homicide bombing.''
—Kathy Scruggs, "Manhunt for Rudolph expected to drag on," The Atlanta Journal and Constitution, July 22, 1998
by Frank December 07, 2003
an idiot who enjoys using electronic stuff
that guy is an ediot. he is playing with his laptop
by frank December 13, 2003
A great place to comment on things you know nothing about and provide insensitive advice for pathetic hapless losers with women problems.
My farkin'GF left me what should I do?

Advise: Make reference to internet pornography and frequent masturbation to cure GF problem
by Frank June 22, 2003
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