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insane band straight outta the stamford ska/screamo underground

also see
jesus christ and the moses humpers
the fuck me harders
butt plugs and shoulder shrugs are so underground they dont even know there in the band!
by Frank February 24, 2005
someone who has farted and it burns your nose hairs
damn roberto is suffering from a case of acid ass
by FRANK September 30, 2004
to be completely janky at everything you do.
when an object is janky and/or a piece of shit.
damn dog, your old cell phone was odie as fuck.
by frank April 11, 2005
that weird feeling you get inside when an old man is fondling your bosom
Would you like to get krunk?
I just got krunked excessivly
by Frank August 01, 2003
A combination of "ahh, I understand" and "O.K".

Better than a simple O.K, which can be used as an approval.
A: "Why are you going to the supermarket?"
B: "I need some milk"
A: "Ahk"
by Frank July 09, 2004
A character of artistic talent
I do what I'm told.
(trogdor's sb email)
by Frank September 26, 2003
an ugly red headed person
people who call themselves rusty are ugly and have red hair
by Frank September 12, 2003

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