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163 definitions by Frank

The action of moving slowly.
"I stumble than I crawl"

"I've got this feeling crawling in my skin", like saying "I've got this feeling moving slowly over my skin"
by Frank February 20, 2005
To be shouted spontaneously by a member of Antwanism
I slipped on a carelessly placed bar of soap while Doing a Baxter and stabbed my boyfriend! CRINGE!
by Frank October 13, 2004
Large, extremly black fat woman
Lindsay likes to sleep with incrediblyblackobesewomen.
by frank March 31, 2003
the worst name you can be called...pretty much made because celina is a weiner.
dude your such a celiney weiney, holy shit!
by frank March 11, 2005
Someone paid to lie, bribe witnesses and charge exhorbitant fees
That man is a proven lawyer (attributed to the late Peter Cook)
by frank February 18, 2004
The intentional rubbing of human fecal material under the nose of an unsuspecting victim.
I ran my forefinger under his nose, and chiefed him.
by Frank December 08, 2003
a simple phrase often used to fix up a bad call
(insert bad call)........ cos she kisses him.
by frank May 06, 2004