162 definitions by Frank

one who smells like barry (a wet buffalo)
it smells like hotass in here!!!!
by FRANK September 29, 2004
The action of moving slowly.
"I stumble than I crawl"

"I've got this feeling crawling in my skin", like saying "I've got this feeling moving slowly over my skin"
by Frank February 20, 2005
1. rich, better than your town;
2. your poor if you live in marshvegas
3. also known as Drunksberry
south shore mass town houses and property worth a lot of money marshfield kids wanna make fun but can becuase they are poor bitches
by Frank December 18, 2004
East Anglian-
look at me my pasty-faced homo, i am on top of my game.
I win!!!!!!
Check my bad self
by Frank October 16, 2004
A frozen grundle
Alex was walking in the snow when Mihir reached down into his trousers and exclaimed, "O Fuck, you have a frundle my friend!"
by frank January 21, 2004
Large, extremly black fat woman
Lindsay likes to sleep with incrediblyblackobesewomen.
by frank March 31, 2003
the worst name you can be called...pretty much made because celina is a weiner.
dude your such a celiney weiney, holy shit!
by frank March 11, 2005

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