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Awesome movie about a teenage kid who receives apocalyptic news from a 6 foot demonic rabbit
Cellar Door
by Frank August 10, 2003
1.kid with lots of tatoos
2. kid you dont want to mess with
3. Danny Espinoza
Don't fuck with the tatted up kid he'll shank you with his switch.
by frank June 11, 2003
A slang term for male genitalia.
"Suck my mantool!"
by Frank December 20, 2002
To allow someone to go on, Ya go on,
john : Can i go now?
meel : Yagwan
by frank December 12, 2004
Acronym for:
Someone put shit in my pants.
After I sharted I screamed out "OMG FFS SPSIMP".
by Frank October 29, 2004
bald monk who likz 2 play wif hiz ballz
' hez playin wif hiz franky again'
by frank October 14, 2004
the ultimate in crunkedness
Man, those shoes are crunkshizzle.
by Frank August 31, 2004

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