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A small town in the Bay Area in which everyone is filthy rich except me. Most residents belong to three country clubs, have at least four SUVs and own a couple dozen monogramed Gucci purses with gold braid. Most people are lawyers, CEOs, or architects. "Down town" consists of a small market filled with junkfood, a few schools, and two banks. It is the most boring place on earth, unless you have rich friends to mooch off of. If you learn to work the Piedmontian system, life is good. One may also join the ever-growing Piedmont Ghetto Society (PGO), bringing Gangsta into Piedmont society since 2005.
"Dude, did you hear about the lady who called the police because a cat was lying in the road blocking traffic?"
"Ya, that's soooo Piedmont."

"Yo mams's so snobby, she must live in Piedmont." ooooh burn.
by Francophile June 09, 2006

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