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people who are involved in the franzferdinand.org thing where if you are obssessed with franz ferdiannd, you can show where you are on a map they have and all become closely knit friends.
Me: "I love franz ferdinand so much that I've actually become a franzster, i can contact many other franz-loving like-minded people across the globe
its what someone has if theyre cool
see: cool coolio
Rob: "Is Andy a cool guy?"
You: "No, he doesn't have enough coolidity."
say it to domeone you hate. it makes them go away. or hit you.
me: "oi, you, ya scal, nob off!"
scally: *hits me*
erm it means kind of a friendly atmosphere, probably associated with the word conversation or conversational
We spent many a convivial evening at the pub.
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