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A young french buck of the age of about 7, who is the younger brother of baby hazz
I hope Fetal Hazz didn't find the porno cards.
by France March 19, 2004
A french boy who resembles one Kevin Hazzard. He is the older brother of fetal hazz.
I'm going to hang out with baby hazz
by France March 19, 2004
A stealthily taken photograph of an ugly or funny looking human being. The art of casuals is very hard to perfect. The perfect casual is not noticeable to the eye and the outcome is an astounding picture.
Quick! Get a casual of this guy!
by France March 19, 2004
The common phrase that is uttered by one as he begins to cry.
* realises he pissed his pants, "Oh shit, Oh no"
by France March 19, 2004
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