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Sound when male human gets aroused, and blood flows into penis all at once.
"She was so hot, I was like: Twoioioioing"
by Framoes June 12, 2003
The crappest of all crap.
"I'm going to kill you"
"Awww, that's just craptastic"

"Dude you're the most craptastic person I know"
by Framoes June 12, 2003
1) Sound made by the "squid-game" on Windfall Island, in "The legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker". The guy makes the sound when you miss one of the squids (The sound of a cannonball hitting water-surface).

2) Thing to say, when you have absolutely nothing to say ("Splooosh!")
"broeagh" (explosion sound)
by Framoes June 12, 2003

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