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One who counts the amount of shrimp in their food. Most commonly, shrimp-counters will check their Chinese food to make sure that there is a sufficient amount of shrimp.

A person will usually become a shrimp-counter after having their orders mixed up at a Chinese restaurant. For example: Person A orders the Kung Pao shrimp, while Person B orders the garlic noodles. Person B decides to eat some of the shrimp, before returning to the restaurant to correct his order. Person A will then check his container of food to find that 7 or 8 shrimp are missing. Shrimp theft is a very common occurence in Hollywood.
Larry David: "We got our orders back and about seven or eight shrimp were missing."

Hal Wasserman: "So you counted the shrimp, you're a shrimp-counter now."
by Fragile Frankie May 10, 2009
Unfortunately underrated subgenre of alternative rock that appeared in the mid-'90s. A category of music that is unfarily judged by idiots as comprising only of crappy bands such as Creed and Nickelback, when, in reality, those terrible bands only became popular years after the awesome, original groups of post-grunge bands popped up.

First of all, post-grunge *is* a defined sound. Post-grunge is influenced by grunge, and alternative rock in general, as well as older bands. Its main traits are distorted, grungey guitars and soft verse/hard chorus song patterns, similar to grunge. However, post-grunge is considerably more radio-friendly than grunge, with a cleaner production.

Post-grunge became massively popular throughout the year of 1995, with hit singles from bands such as Bush, Toadies, Silverchair, Foo Fighters, Collective Soul, and more. Post-grunge bands didn't carry the pretentious, fake "anti-fame" attitude exhibited by the original grunge bands, and weren't afraid to create catchy, memorable songs; these songs charted higher on the Billboard Hot 100 and Top 40 charts than any grunge song. By the middle of the year, grunge had faded away, with post-grunge, industrial rock, and alternative rock in general being the new dominant forces on rock radio.

Post-grunge can be very AWESOME, depending on what you're listening to. As long as you avoid Creed and Nickelback, post-grunge is good stuff. Basically, what post bands did was take the grunge sound and sugarcoat it. People claim post-grunge ripped off grunge, but if you wanna go by that token, grunge ripped off just as much from '70/'80s bands, and even Nirvana were almost sued for ripping off a song from Killing Joke. Here's my opinion: If you think a song sounds good, listen to it, and enjoy, regardless of whether or not it's a poppy radio song. Make up your own decision, don't bash something just because it's the 'cool' thing to do.

Recommended songs:
Bush - Everything Zen, Greedy Fly
Silverchair - Israel's Son, Freak
Collective Soul - Gel, Where The River Flows
Seven Mary Three - Cumbersome, Water's Edge
Filter - Hey Man Nice Shot, Jurassitol
Foo Fighters - I'll Stick Around, Monkeywrench
Live - I Alone, Lightning Crashes
Brother Cane - And Fools Shine On
Sponge - Plowed
Toadies - Tyler, Possum Kingdom
Typical grunge snob: LOL, post-grunge sucks!

Some guy: One word: TOADIES.

Typical grunge snob: Oh, yeah... I guess I was just thinking of crappy, fake bands such as Creed and Nickelback, who are terrible representations of what is truely a great sub-genre. I'm gonna go punch myself now, for being so stupid!
by Fragile Frankie May 13, 2009

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