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An Israeli name meaning deep well or spring. It is most commonly used to describe an exceptionally pretty, talented, smart, and unique woman/girl.
Guy 1: Who's that girl over there?

Guy 2: Oh, that's Ma'ayan. Last night she had her big stage performance accompanying adele after two hours of swim practice, and still was able to get all of her homework done.

Guy 1: wow.

Guy2: But that's not all. She also manages to maintain her 4.5 average in school and is a size 00.

Guy 1: WOW. Is she available?

Guy 2: -_-
by Fracktard December 30, 2011
The remainder of goop left over from a massive shit that plopped into the toilet, causing the poo, pee, vomit, bacteria, menstrual blood, and whatever else is in your toilet at the time to spew up into your anus, leaving you with a dripping mixture of FUN.
Sam:Yesterday I let go of a perfect 'S'!


Sam: Not really... left me with one hell of a Crusty NastyAnus
by Fracktard January 05, 2012

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