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3 definitions by Foyser

A tinker, or member of the Irish travlelling community. See also the British pikey. They live in caravans in random fields and leave the place generally in a mess. However there are some good travellers who are given a hard time and a bad name due to the bad ones.
See also the less polite term: knacker
"That's a traveller's camp", "Is he a traveller?"
by Foyser April 12, 2005
Troublesome-type Travellers.
The dirt of that Knacker's camp
by Foyser April 12, 2005
Something excellent or desirable, in a sex-related context.
"How was your weekend?" " Sexcellent" Or "i had a Sexcellent time last night."
by Foyser April 12, 2005