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To write, troubleshoot or integrate sweet code while workin' a fine look. Sassy hair, hot makeup, bling, glitter and heels recommended for maximum effect. Stunning effect on brogrammers.
"Got my spike heels on and the girls up high,
Glitter on the keyboard and Gaga in my ears.
Ready to proglam all...night...long."
by Foxydot December 13, 2011
Congenital douchebaggery syndrome (CDS) is a devastating affliction affecting persons in positions of perceived, rather than genuine, importance. Most sufferers of CDS are unaware of their affliction, and can do little to mitigate the symptoms. Symptoms include, but are not limited to:

* A pervasive need to appear valuable to every situation
* Desire to assert superiority over all others at any junction
* Ability to create "facts" out of thin air and whole hardheartedly believe them
* Insistence on including oneself in discussions despite having nothing of value to add
* Determination to "help" everyone, especially those who don't need any help the afflicted could conceivably provide

CDS awareness is spreading. General understanding of CDS as an affliction can help in the survival rate of CDS, as associates of CDS sufferers may look upon the afflicted with pity and be less likely to murder them in the break room.
"Did you hear that BS Jerry was spouting at the team meeting?"
"Oh, don't take that to heart, he has congenital douchebaggery syndrome. He can't help it."
by Foxydot March 29, 2015

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