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A name given to a boy who is last name is Turner
Person 1: 'Hey, whats your name?'
Person 2: 'Joe Turner'
Person 1; 'OMG, your a Turnap!'
by FoxyDog August 20, 2010
If you are 'schneeky' you are very subtle and ninja like about the things you do.
Person one: (sits on chair without person two seeing)
Person two: 'That was schneeky!'
by FoxyDog August 20, 2010
Rhiannon is a friend to two extremely cool people. She is very kind, pretty, funny, outgoing and sexay. She is also a good horse rider but smells of digested cheese.
Person 1: 'Hey look, its Rhiannon!'
Person 2: ' I know, I can smell her from here!'
by FoxyDog August 20, 2010

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