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a term used to describe how cool something is using the word know for cool-dope and velcro which is cool it self
Man that is dope like velcro!
by foxy December 13, 2004
A type of rap that originated in the Dirty South, and is loud, rowdy and energetic
We about to get crunk up in here!
by foxy September 24, 2004
*Sad clown* is an adjective I use when something doesn't go my way or I hear something sad. Nothing sadder then a sad clown.
When I saw the little boys stepping on a half dead bird after school one day, all I could say was, "O, sad clown."
by Foxy March 25, 2004
Some chick that everyone loves and wants. All guys (probably some chicks too) want a piece of Foxy...especially Zain o.O
Guys: Foxy will you marry me?

Guys: Foxy I love you.

Guys: I want you Foxy. Badly!

Chicks: Foxy is so lucky. I'm jealous of everything about her.
by Foxy April 09, 2004

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