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1 definition by Foxchaser

A combination of the words vox and vixen.

The voxen is a red haired, voluptuous femme fatale with aggressive wit and a sultry singing voice. Often found crooning atop a grand piano in a smoky Jazz lounge or cabaret, wearing a red sequin dress slit high up on the leg and sporting dark elbow gloves.

The voxen is a stock character in Film Noir. She sings a sad, lonely song to the hero but is hopelessly involved with the often possessive villain. She is used to highlight the stoic melancholy loneliness of a corrupt city.

film examples:
Jessica Rabbit in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Satine in Moulin Rouge, Tallulah in Bugsy Malone, Tina in The Mask, Roxie Hart in Chicago, Sally in Follies, Bobbi from City of Angels, Lil Sheridan in Johnny Dangerously
Any good gin joint has a Voxen in the limelight. She welcomes in the lonely fellas and drives them to drink.
by Foxchaser July 23, 2012
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