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A growing city located between Hamilton and Toronto. Only Burlingtonians know that there is a difference between kids from millcroft, southburlington and lakeshore. Millcrofters along with orchard kids are assholes shat out by rich people and are extremely sheltered for most of their lives. Although willing to take on any pussy from Oakville Burlingtonians will forever be weary of those from Hamilton.
Burlington Kid: Fuck you oakville fight me!
Oakville kid: I would but i can't... because i dont want to hurt you thats it...ya!
Burlington Kid: Okay bud Okay bud
by foxbox101 January 12, 2010
A newer area of Burlngton Ontario filled to the top with annoying bitches driving their dady's beamers who like to boast about ther money causing them to be the embarrassment of burlington.
millcroft kids
by Foxbox101 January 12, 2010

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