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What you should be asked when you complain that your favorite software is missing a feature or has a bug.
You: Why doesn't this program make me a sandwich instead of just sorting lines of text?

Software author: I'd be happy to merge those changes for you. Where's the patch?
by foxmajik January 17, 2012
In-vertising is a marketing strategy wherein the target audience is pressured into buying a product or service they may or may not need by the intentional insinuation that the audience member must buy the product in order to retain or boost their social standing. In-vertising is often a multi-part scheme which involves manipulation of pop media to increase the popularity of assets heralded herein to be critical to higher social function, such as a song, catch phrase or brand identification.
Some common examples of in-vertising:

Volkswagon's commercials often use obscure musical pieces, which are then pushed to radio and clubs, thereby becoming popular, having the effect that when people hear the tune they find it familiar and question "where have I heard this?" which leads back to Volkswagen's product, thus gaining market exposure for such product.

Apple uses a similar marketing tactic in which an obscure (or established) piece of music is played while the product is moved about on the screen in a pattern that draws the viewer's attention.

Such ads often employ other attention-drawing tactics such as the use of high contrast images (tagged in most of society's brain as the format for important alerts such as street signs and warning labels) and the repetition of recognizable catch phrases (ie "hi I'm a Mac, and I'm a PC").
by FoxMajik September 09, 2007
The act of posting replies to someone's blog entries, sending them IMs or SMS messages, modding up their forum posts or otherwise justifying their actions on the Net as a lead up to a booty call, asking for admin privileges, etc.
Dave's been posting an unusual number of positive comments to my blog, I get the feeling he's netstroking me.

The series of fifteen IMs waiting for me on my machine at home from Tom was a serious netstroke.
by foxmajik June 25, 2007
1. Being required to take another hit before passing because of a fax pas.
2. Being denied a hit because of a fax pas.
Dude you're not hight enough, take a penalty hit. Puff puff pass.

Dude, penalty hit: We've watched this episode already. Pass.
by foxmajik October 28, 2004
Someone who makes a career out of working in a particular call center. There will usually be one or two people in a call center that have been there for eight years or so (maybe longer) who have somehow escaped the regular fire-hire process that call centers go through. They usually have a tired, burnt-out look to them and can be seen hunching over their workstation in a hazy daze.
Rob wanted to be a lifer but he kept getting canned because of his metrics.
by foxmajik October 28, 2004
The language the person on the other end of the phone line speaks when you call for customer care.
I needed help with fixing my boot loader but the tech I spoke with only spoke banglish and his brain froze when he got to the end of his script without fixing the problem.
by foxmajik May 01, 2008
Used to refer to the act of anyone in an undisputable position of power.
Can be used to identify the action of a BOFH deleting a user account; a company that outsources to a call center telling the call center to fire a particular employee; a MUCK wizard modifying someone's props or a GM (game master) causing unlikely events in a RPG.
by foxmajik October 28, 2004

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