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A demo of limitted size, usually 4 of 64k.
.the .product was the most awsome 64k intro ever!
by FoxMajik January 28, 2004
Credit Card jargon for a set of computer algorythms designed to detect unusual and possibly fraudulent activities concerning the use of a credit card.
That guy got fraud falconed because he made a hundred dollar purchase after not using his card for two years.
by FoxMajik January 28, 2004
A paytard is someone who spends money indiscriminately, particularly on the Internet or on technology products.
Mike is such a paytard, he just spent another $400 on a new iPod 40GB even though he already had an iPod 20GB. Is it really that hard to clean up your music library?
by foxmajik April 16, 2008
What Boost Mobile customers ask for when they call in to Customer Care to reboost their phones.
Can I get some miniss?

I be out of miniss.
by foxmajik June 28, 2007
The Call usually comes around 9am on Friday, or an hour or so before your shift starts. Most commonly you get The Call when you're working for a temp agency, but sometimes with call centers. Temp agencies and call centers are notorious for firing employees with a telephone call, and they usually do it on Friday because statistics have shown that fewer people go postal when they're fired on a Friday.
"Hello, this is blah blah with blah blah staffing. We're calling to inform you that your contract with Foo Inc has been terminated. Do not return to Foo Inc, we will arrange for your posessions to be picked up at our office."
by foxmajik October 28, 2004
The vagina used as a tool to force actions one would not normally volunteer for.
My boyfriend refused to take out the trash so I used the vaginal wrench: No sex for three days.

Tanya uses the vaginal wrench at her job to get promoted. She's sucked every cock on the sales team.
by foxmajik February 08, 2014
You get the Bubye Gatling is when you work as a phone monkey and you're trying to deliver a script at the end of the call so you don't fail your call score.

It's what happens when the conversation becomes a battle between you trying to deliver the script and the customer trying to get off the phone.
The Bubye Gatling:
You: Thank you sir and we'd like to let you know about our promo...
Customer: Okay bubye, k'bye, kaybubye, mmbubye, kaybye, kaybubye, yeahbye, tha-thank you, yeah, kaythanks, youbet, mkay bubye, yeah, bubye, mm-hmm yeah mkay, bubye CLICK.
by foxmajik August 03, 2009

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