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A term that is used as a euphemism to describe someone who has contracted HIV or AIDS. The soup reference comes from the letters found in the alphabet that spell out the names of the variation of the disease (i.e. HIV the virus that causes AIDS).

see also; soup, chicken noodle soup
Rob: Yo, I jus seen Carl the other day, and dude is mad skinny son.

Jay: Thas that soup man.

Rob: Soup? *confused*

Jay: That alphabet soup.

Rob: Wha--oh daaaamn! It's like that cuz?

Jay: Yup, it's like that son. *nodding knowingly*
by Fox Major April 03, 2009
A term usually reserved for a female drug addict, or someone who is seriously strung out on coke.
Audrina: Girl, guess who I ran into the other day?

Norelle: Who?

Audrina: Lisa, and honey, she looked BAD girl.

Norelle: Well, you KNOW she's a Snowbird

Audrina: Snowbird?

Norelle: A Cokehead honey...

Audrina: Girl, stop.

Norelle: Mmmhmm.
by Fox Major March 30, 2009

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