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2 definitions by Fowlerz

Typically a 12 year-old boy, whose balls have no quite dropped yet. Playing COD or Halo, screaming at the top of his squeaky annoying voice whenever he feels he has accomplished something of importance. Not to be confused with the Pownasaurus-Rex . A middle-aged balding version of the pre-teen Pownasaurus. Who, despite the dropping of balls, still sucks at life.
"AHHH DOOOD! I am totally like the POWNASAURUS right now! I definately just jumped into that vehicle, damn right, POWNASAURUS on the prowl!!!"
"Man...STFU you squeaky voiced beeeyyotch!"
by Fowlerz March 16, 2009
33 3
Twilightism, which originates from the book 'Twilight', (the very popular series by Stephanie Meyer), is the religious practice of Vampire and Werewolf obsessed Men and Women. Practicers of this awful religion can often be seen in stores like hot topic sporting snazzy Team Edward or Team Jacob shirts. While, wearers of the separate shirts are very protective of their respective lovers , Edward or Jacob. And upon getting within feet of each other, begin arguing annoyingly. Anyone of this religion or even owners of the t-shirts should be bit, not by a vampire or werewolf, but by a raging pissed grizzly bear !
Jack - "Hey hunny, do you think that we can go out tonight to celebrate our fifth anniversary?"

Lena - "No, shut up hoe, my man Edward's movie is coming out in three weeks, I need to go set up a tent with my other minions outside of store!"

Jack - "Fucking Twilightism!"

Lena - "Grrrrr, One day, one day! Vampires will rule!"
by Fowlerz March 17, 2009
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