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A swift, unexpected, yet well-deserved punch to the vagina, whether literal or metaphorical. Usually, but not always to a stranger.
When the judge sentenced Lindsay Lohan to 90 days in jail, Lindsay looked like she had caught a decisive uppercunt. And she wept appropriately.

No matter how many uppercunts Amy Winehouse receives she always gets back up like nothing happened. She's the Mohammed Ali of the Golden Glove. Am I wrong?
by Foulio July 07, 2010
An attractive young lady that likes to drink & do drugs frequently, have copious amounts of sex with people she may or may not know, & party in general. Usually having low standards & often enjoying cheap drinks & the company of sketchy characters & known scumbags. Commonly engaging in public acts of wanton sexuality & aggravated debauchery.
1."I was drinking a 40oz with this tallboy bunny outside the club last night & later, inside the show she got on a table & took her shirt off... It was pretty sweet."

2.Amy Winehouse may be the ultimate Tallboy Bunny.
by Foulio February 10, 2010

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