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Taking bradvoidence to the virtual world.
Noid: its him quick i'll meet you in the secret channel.

Snowman: roger dodger 2 by 4
by foug January 11, 2005
The official term used to describe the invasive and harassing act of planning a defined series of checkpoints to discretely obtain the whereabouts of particular individuals.
Heather: I am bored, lets find out what those guys are doing?

Kate: *breathing heavily*. Lets Do the Route!! Joe's house first. *breathing continues, heavily*
by foug January 11, 2005
Pulling a mogilny out of province.
Piper 1: Man that was a long flight!
C-Dawg: brb washroom break...
5 min later
Piper 2: Where is Sogilny?
by Foug March 20, 2004
The Mecca for lost Darkside souls. Pilgrimages are undertaken during the most severe blizzard conditions. this facility is equipped with high tech electronics as well as enclosed bathroom bunker with enough entertainment to last 6 hours. Recent upgrades have also inculded a bradar station.
C: Heart attak pizza and 12 cans of rootbeer
pizza guy: where too?
C: 1081
pizza guy: is that a apartment?
by Foug September 30, 2003
An internal alarm warning the group of approaching individual(s) assisting in the art of bradvoidence.
My bradar is going crazy. Get the hell out of sight.
by Foug June 30, 2003
When you make that mogilny move or get one in the net, Jerky Jerk to the fans. Gwarrrrr
Fan: What a mogilny move.
Fan 2: What a goal!
Fan 3: Whats he doing to himself now?
by foug June 13, 2003
When you got those awful stomach pains often brought on by hunger, contraban intake, or bad hot food. Its the most horrific feeling one can have, like eating wiped ass.
Snowman: Arena Pizza
Yonoid: No way the food there gives gut roti
by Foug April 03, 2003
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