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often used during periods of intense moments where some loudmouth has to open his mouth to ruin the enjoyment of the surrounding guests. used at unwelcome times including visits.
C - say nothing, I'll be in the other room
Voidence - Well.. blast from the past
C - did u fail to end it
by foug January 11, 2005
When something is tacky/awful/cheap or just ass it usually is ghetto. Can apply to a person/place/thing as well.
Snowman: Lets get big-8 Rootbeer
Coady: That so ghetto

Tycho: Man what is she wearing?
YoNoid: looks pretty ghetto to me
by Foug April 01, 2003
1. Free For All
2. The Snowman's lazied way of stating definition one.
Coady: Should we play Halo?
Snowman: FFA!!
by foug March 24, 2003
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