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A small, Northeastern Liberal Arts school located in New London Connecticut. Conn College (as it is affectionately called), is, to put it bluntly: not a good school.
It accepts low SAT scores, and high grades from not-so-good schools. The student body can generally be described as abnormally dumb kids who are extra pretentious. An astounding amount of its students end up there upon not being accepted to an Ivy League, and they have never gotten over it. It is never anyone's first choice. Everyone who goes there will tell you how incredible it is, but eventually, it feels as if they're just saying that to convince themselves. Or, they're just stoned or shitfaced, like all conn college kids are. Also, it's simply a bad education.
Person from a good school: hey! So how's Connecticut College?
Conn College kid: It's amaaaaaazing, probably the best education ever.
Person from a good school: .... are you sure?
Conn College kid: are you kidding? like everyone in my class like knows everything. Like we're reading books.
Person from a good school: Cool, sounds sweet.
Conn College kid: yeah, probably learning more than you... or than any Ivy League shit school, ew, I hate Ivy League schools...
Person from a good school: Didn't you apply to Cornell ED?
Conn College kid: *bursts into tears*
by Foucalt340 February 12, 2011

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